§ 156.157  EXEMPT SIGNS.
   (A)   Municipal notices. Temporary signs regarding zoning, municipal notices, and public notices are exempt from the sign subchapter.
   (B)   Certain temporary signage. Non-commercial signage, defined as falling outside of the definition of SIGN in § 156.151, in residential districts and commercial districts of such items as patriotic, religious or holiday decorations, including street banners and banners affixed to light poles in shopping centers and the like during the appropriate time of the season or event.
   (C)   Building graphics, defined as drawings or murals painted on buildings that contain no copy, symbols, color schemes or other references to products or services.
   (D)   Ornamental and yard sale signs. In addition to the above, noncommercial signage in residential districts of an ornamental nature (such as decorative flags) and commercial signage consisting of one on-site yard sale sign for no more than one week prior to the yard sale, with immediate removal thereafter.
   (E)   Interpretive signs. Interpretive signs are exempt from the sign ordinance.
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