§ 156.153  SIGN PERMIT.
   (A)   Permit required. Except as otherwise provided in this section, no person shall erect, move, alter, replace, change copy (except on readerboard signs) or maintain any sign, without first obtaining a sign permit as required by this section.
   (B)   Permit not required.
      (1)   Sign permits shall not be required for the following types of signs: exempt signs, real estate signs, political signs, contractor's signs, residential street number/occupant signs, yard sale signs or noncommercial speech signs in residential zones other than identification signs for neighborhoods, churches, schools and like uses, temporary display of noncommercial, patriotic, religious or holiday decorations during the appropriate time of the event and historical markers.
      (2)   However, such signs shall be subject to all other applicable provisions of this chapter.
   (C)   Permit applications.
      (1)   Applications for sign permits shall be submitted on forms provided by the Department of Planning and Development, and contain all information required on the forms and any additional information required to ensure compliance with all applicable sections of the zoning and/or building codes.
      (2)   If required by the Building Official, a copy of stress sheets and calculations prepared or approved by a state-licensed, registered structural engineer, showing that the sign is designed for dead load and wind pressure in any direction in the amount required by this and all other applicable ordinances of the town.
      (3)   The Building Official may also request details of electrical connection points, construction details, and attachment details.
   (D)   Permit fees.
      (1)   Every application for a sign approval shall be accompanied by a fee, in an amount specified by the schedule of fees established by Town Council resolution, and related provisions of the Town Building Code.
      (2)   Whenever a sign permit fee is required by this section and work is started prior to obtaining a permit, a fine of up to $500 may be imposed for failure to secure a permit, in addition to other applicable fines.
   (E)   Issuance of permits.
      (1)   Approval.  If, upon review, the proposed sign is in compliance with all of the requirements of this section, and any other applicable ordinances of the town, the Zoning Administrator or designee may issue a permit that may be subject to conditions, and if required, forward the permit to the Building Inspection Division for issuance of a building permit and/or electrical permit.
         (a)   Sign permits shall be vested for a period of two years, subject to the rights and restrictions contained within § 156.049, Vested Rights.
         (b)   Should the work not be completed within this timeframe, a new sign permit is required prior to the installation of the sign.
      (2)   If the application request is not in compliance with all requirements of this section, then the application will be denied.
   (F)   Revocation of permits. On failure of the holder to comply with any provision of this section or any other applicable statute, ordinance or regulation, the Zoning Administrator or designee is authorized and empowered to revoke any issued permit, and order the immediate removal of the sign.
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