(A)   (1)   The duty of administering and enforcing the provisions of this chapter is conferred upon the Zoning Administrator or his or her appointed designee.
      (2)   The Zoning Administrator or appointed designee shall:
         (a)   Investigate Zoning Code violations;
         (b)   Issue citations, warnings, or notices where such violations exist;
         (c)   Follow up on violations until the situation has been properly remedied; and
         (d)   Attend court hearings and testify concerning Zoning Code violations.
   (B)   Other duties include:
      (1)   Reviewing applications for building permits;
      (2)   Receiving applications for zoning amendments and variances;
      (3)   Keeping on file for public review the Official Zoning Map;
      (4)   Coordinating activities for the Building Official;
      (5)   Coordinating activities of the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Planning Commission on matters relating to the administration of the Zoning Chapter;
      (6)   Keeping a record of all zoning applications, including all plats and plans submitted therewith, which records shall be open to the public inspection during business hours;
      (7)   Conducting inspections pursuant to this chapter;
      (8)   Receiving, filing, and forwarding to the Board of Zoning Appeals the records of all applications for variances;
      (9)   Receiving, filing, and forwarding to the Planning Commission all applications for planned developments;
      (10)   Reporting to the Town Council any violation or proposed violation; and
      (11)   Other general requirements the town deems necessary to administer this chapter.
   (C)   It shall also be the duty of all officers and employees of the town to assist the Administrator or appointed designee by reporting to him or her new construction or new land uses, and apparent violations of this chapter.
('81 Code, § 155.20) (Ord. passed 8-13-79; Am. Ord. passed 6-9-92; Am. Ord. 99012, passed 4-21-99; Am. Ord. 02024, passed 6-11-02; Am. Ord. 14047, passed 8-12-14)