This is to certify that the undersigned is the legal owner of the property to be dedicated to the town and is authorized to sign all documentation related to the improvements. As the legal owner, he/she is accepting full responsibility for construction quality control and ensuring all sediment and erosion control devices are kept in good working condition throughout the construction process.
   As the owner, I will be employing                   (engineer)                , who is a South Carolina-licensed professional engineer in civil engineering, as the inspecting professional. The inspecting professional shall be responsible for administering and conducting the necessary inspections, testing and reporting as outlined in the inspection professional log in Chapter 155, Appendix B, § 12. The inspecting professional will be responsible for certifying the materials and workmanship certificate prior to final acceptance by the town.
Owner Signature:                                                 Registered Engineer:                                          
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Corporate Seal                  Notarized:
(Ord. 07015, passed 6-12-07; Am. Ord. 13027, passed 6-11-13)