(A)   A drainage plan that includes a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), as described in § 153.043, is required with the preliminary plat submittal or prior to the issuance of any building permit, unless exempted in § 153.022.
   (B)   All applicable town water quality plan review fees, if any, are due upon submittal of the drainage plan.
   (C)   A complete Stormwater Discharges from Large and Small Construction Activities, NPDES General Permit SCR 100000 NOI form, appropriately signed under state requirements, and a check for the applicable state NPDES permit fees, made payable to the town, is also due upon submittal of the drainage plan.
   (D)   A drainage plan must be submitted and approved by the Town Engineer.
   (E)   The drainage plan must meet all design requirements and include all submittal information identified in § 153.043, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), § 153.044, Water Quantity Controls, and in the drainage master plan checklist in Chapter 153, Appendix B, or other appropriate checklists provided by the Department of Planning and Development, as may be amended from time to time.
   (F)   Should any drainage plan involve any stormwater management facilities or land to be dedicated to public use, the same information shall also be submitted for review and approval to the department having jurisdiction over the land or other appropriate departments or agencies identified by the Town Engineer for review and approval. This drainage plan shall serve as the basis for all subsequent construction.
   (G)   The drainage plan may be reviewed, if needed, with the designer, after town review, where it will be approved, approved with changes, or rejected. If rejected, changes, additional analysis or other information needed to approve the next submittal of the plan shall be identified.
   (H)   Once a water quality letter of approval for the drainage plan has been issued by the Town Engineer and the appeal time period has lapsed, the town will forward the project NOI to SCDHEC for review and approval.
   (I)   Upon receipt of NPDES permit approval from SCDHEC and a construction authorization letter from the Town Engineer, an application for a clearing and grading permit may be submitted.
   (J)   For projects disturbing one acre or greater, all applicable NPDES inspection fees, if any, are due at the time of application for a clearing and grading permit.
   (K)   For residential projects disturbing less than one acre, all applicable NPDES inspection fees, if any, are due at the time of application for a building permit.
   (L)   Coordination required.
      (1)   All land development activity must comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.
      (2)   A coordination letter from SCDHEC-OCRM shall be submitted to the town before a clearing and grading permit will be issued.
      (3)   No project shall receive final approval or acceptance by the town, nor will a certificate of occupancy be issued for commercial projects, until such time as a statement is received from the project engineer certifying that construction is complete and in accordance with approved plans.
   (M)   No clearing and grading permit shall be issued or modified without the following:
      (1)   Right of entry for emergency maintenance if necessary;
      (2)   Right of entry for inspections;
      (3)   Any off-site easements needed;
      (4)   An approved drainage plan and SWPPP, as appropriate.
      (5)   Evidence of a receipt of all other required permits, including necessary federal, state or local approvals.
      (6)   Properly installed silt fence and tree protection.
      (7)   A pre-construction meeting with town staff to review the project scope, requirements, and that proper documentary procedures are followed.
   (N)   The approved drainage plan shall contain certification by the engineer that all land clearing, construction, development and drainage will be done according to the drainage plan or previously approved revisions. Any and all site grading permits may be revoked at any time, if the construction of stormwater management facilities is not in strict accordance with approved plans.
   (O)   Design certifications, as set forth in Chapter 155, § 14 of Appendix B, shall be furnished with all proposed construction.
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