(A)   No person shall develop any land or dispose of any hazardous or toxic substance or other pollutant without having provided for compliance with this chapter, and with any program, plan, permit, or regulation of the Town SWMP adopted in accordance with this chapter.
      (1)   The following development activities are exempt from the provisions of this chapter:
         (a)   Construction or improvement of single-family residences or their accessory buildings, which are separately built and not part of multiple construction of a subdivision development, are exempted from division (A)(1) above; provided they are in compliance with the Chapter 155, Appendix B, § 13, Certificate of Compliance.
         (b)   Land-disturbing activities on agricultural land for production of plants and animals useful to man, including but not limited to: forages and sod crops, grains and feed crops, tobacco, cotton and peanuts; dairy animals and dairy products; poultry and poultry products; livestock, including beef cattle, sheep, swine, horses, ponies, mules or goats, including the breeding and grazing of these animals; bees; fur animals and aquaculture, except that the construction of an agricultural structure of one or more acres, such as broiler houses, machine sheds, repair shops and other major buildings, and which require the issuance of a building permit, shall require the submittal and approval of a drainage plan prior to the start of the land-disturbing activity.
         (c)   Land-disturbing activities undertaken on forestland for the production and harvesting of timber and timber products.
(Ord. 07045, passed 8-14-07; Am. Ord. 13027, passed 6-11-13)