§ 137.01 FINDINGS.
   The Town Council makes the following findings:
   (A)   A number of motorists in the town are driving into business establishments with gasoline and/or diesel fuel pumps, filling their vehicles and/or containers with gasoline or diesel fuel, and thereafter immediately driving off without paying for same.
   (B)   For the year 2002, town crime statistics evidence approximately 155 larcenies as a result of gas/diesel fuel drive offs without paying.
   (C)   The stated level of crime results in significant man-hours/time extended by Town Police Officers, along with the administrative backup associated therewith.
   (D)   The stated man-hours/time by the town's Police Department detracts from proactive policing opportunities in regard to other community matters and more serious crimes.
   (E)   The stated level of crime adversely impacts the town's uniform crime reporting statistics, along with the negative fallout therefrom.
   (F)   The stated level of crime results in significant costs to, and monies being paid by, the town and its citizens/taxpayers.
   (G)   The stated level of crime with gas/diesel fuel drive offs without paying seriously and significantly adversely impacts the revenues of local business owners who own and operate business establishments involving the sale of gasoline and/or diesel fuel.
   (H)   The stated matters are of serious concern and should now be addressed and eliminated, if possible.
   (I)   This type of crime with its many adverse impacts can be addressed and, in fact, eliminated through the adoption of a zero tolerance policy.
   (J)   A zero tolerance policy in regard to this problem could be accomplished through the adoption of a payment in advance requirement for gasoline and diesel fuel sold throughout the town.
   (K)   Such a zero tolerance policy is imperative and in the best interests of the town and its citizens and, as such, the same is adopted along with this chapter.
(Ord. 03078, passed 1-13-04)