(A)   The Memorial Waterfront Park has been called Mount Peasant's crown jewel and the town welcomes the residents and visitors who enjoy its amenities. Many individuals, corporations and charitable groups see the park as a perfect setting for events.
   (B)   The term EVENT HOST is defined as the individual(s) and/or group(s) seeking to host a function or event at the Memorial Waterfront Park. An event host that wants to plan an event in the Park that does not involve the Cooper River Room, the Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Pavilion, or the Mount Pleasant Pier should fill out the appropriate special event permit application, determine the fees that will pertain to their event, then submit their application and fee payment to the Office of Community Development and Tourism, 100 Ann Edwards Lane, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464, within the deadlines published on the event permit applications. Applications submitted outside the established deadlines may be considered at the discretion of town staff.
   (C)   Failure to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in § 97.02 may result in denial of future applications, staff and supply charges for remedial work resulting from the event, and/or additional security deposit requirements for any future event organized by the same event host.
   (D)   Before completing an event permit application, the event host should review Chapter 141 of this municipal code and then confirm date availability by contacting the Town Special Events Planner at eventpermits@tompsc.com or (843) 884-8517.
   (E)   For information about events in the Cooper River Room or Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Pavilion, event hosts should visit www.CooperRiverRoom.com. For information about the Mount Pleasant Pier, event hosts should visit www.ccprc.com.
(Ord. 12077, passed 11-13-12; Am. Ord. 150205, passed 4-14-15)