(A)   It shall be unlawful to burn leaves, debris, trash, refuse, rubbish, tree limbs, chips, shavings, building materials, or any other matter whatsoever or to kindle or maintain a bonfire or rubbish fire outside of any house or other structure of any kind located within the town, unless:
      (1)   Such burning is controlled by a competent individual;
      (2)   Is attended until extinguished;
      (3)   All burning accomplished within the confines of a non-combustible container with screen cover which is subject to approval of the Fire Chief or other authorized officer of the Town Fire Department; and
      (4)   An effective fire extinguishment method such as a Class ABC fire extinguisher, garden hose, sand bucket, or water barrel is on-site and available for immediate use.
   (B)   This section is not intended to restrict open burning related to human warmth, fires used for recreational purposes, ceremonial observances, or with the preparation of food for immediate consumption that are accomplished in a safe manner.
   (C)   A fire contained within a barbeque or charcoal grill appliance, and used for the sole purpose of cooking, is not considered burning.
('81 Code, § 93.10) (Ord. passed 3-9-93; Am. Ord. 17028, passed 6-13-17)  Penalty, see § 10.99