The Council may by resolution promulgate rules and regulations for the government of Ocean Grove Cemetery which, when placed on file in the office of the Clerk of Council, shall be complied with by all persons to whom they are made applicable. Such rules and regulations may provide, among other things, for the manner of construction and maintenance of monuments, mausoleums, fences, walls, and other structures; the depth and grading of graves; the regulation of burials; the use and maintenance of sidewalks, paths, lanes, and roadways; the planting and care of ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, and foliage; the opening and closing hours; vehicular speed limits; the prohibition of picnics and similar activities; the maintenance of maps of lots and grave sites; record of burials and disinterments; the appointment of a caretaker or superintendent and other cemetery personnel; the conveyance of lots, the purchase price thereof, and the terms and conditions of sale; and such other matters as may be considered desirable for the use, maintenance, sanctity, and dignity of the cemetery.
('81 Code, § 91.19)