(A)   The connection of a building sewer into a wastewater sewer shall conform to the requirements of the applicable building and plumbing code, Commission guidelines and specifications, and the procedures set forth in appropriate specifications of the ASTM or the WEF. The connections shall be made gastight and watertight, and verified by proper testing. The Commission shall have the authority to develop, adopt, and amend guidelines related to construction and use of the Commission's wastewater system. The guidelines for development and sewer specifications so adopted (and as may be amended from time to time) are incorporated into and made a part of this chapter. Any deviation from the prescribed procedures and materials must be approved, in writing, by the Manager before installation.
   (B)   The connection of a surface runoff or groundwater drain to a wastewater sewer under special permit, as provided under this chapter, shall conform to the requirements specified by the Manager as a condition of approval of such permit.
('81 Code, § 51.5.06) (Ord. passed 4-19-93; Am. Ord. 11011, passed 2-8-11) Penalty, see § 51.018