The Chief of Police shall be the commanding officer of the Police Department. The property of the Police Department shall be within the care of the Chief of Police, who shall be directly responsible therefor. The Chief of Police shall be the principal law enforcement officer and shall enforce within the municipality all provisions of state law, this code, and other ordinances not the primary concern of some other officer to enforce, and he or she shall cooperate with and assist other officers in the enforcement of statutes and ordinances for which they are primarily responsible. It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police to see that all departmental rules, regulations, and orders are promptly and faithfully respected and obeyed, and whenever any violation thereof is reported to the Chief or comes under the Chief’s personal observation, he or she shall promptly investigate the matter and report it to the Mayor and Police Department Committee of the Council. The Chief of Police is authorized to summarily terminate and suspend from duty any member of the Police Department for cause. The Chief of Police shall perform such other duties as may be required by the Council.
('81 Code, § 34.04)
   Police Chief as Sergeant at Arms, see § 30.27