A proposed land division shall be approved if the following criteria are met:
   (A)   The proposed land division(s) comply with all requirements of the State Land Division Act and this chapter.
   (B)   All parcels created and remaining have existing adequate accessibility, or an area available therefor, to a public road for public utilities and emergency and other vehicles not less than the requirements of the applicable zoning ordinance, major thoroughfare plan, road ordinance, or this chapter.  In determining adequacy of accessibility, any ordinance standards applicable to plats shall also apply as a minimum standard whenever a parcel or tract is proposed to be divided to create four or more parcels.
   (C)   The ratio of depth to width of any parcel, 10 acres or less, created by the division does not exceed a four to one ratio exclusive of access roads, easements, or  non-buildable  parcels  created  under § 155.05(G) of this chapter and parcels added to contiguous parcels that result in all involved parcels complying with said ratio.
   (D)   The permissible depth of a parcel created by a land division shall be measured within the boundaries of each parcel from the abutting road right-of-way to the most remote boundary line point of the parcel from the point of commencement of the measurement.
   (E)   The permissible minimum width shall be as defined in the applicable zoning ordinance at the time the application is considered.
   (F)   (1)   If applicant fails to fulfill the requirements of § 155.05(G), the applicant must execute and record an affidavit in a form acceptable to the city stating that the parcels created by this split are in conformance with this chapter but are not necessarily in compliance with any other city ordinances.
      (2)   The city reserves the right to record an affidavit with each granting of a split that the parcels created by such division(s) are in compliance with this chapter but are not necessarily in compliance with any other city ordinances.
(Ord. 848, passed 10-9-00)