§ 131.10 LARCENY.
   A person who commits larceny by stealing any of the following property of another person is guilty of a misdemeanor:
   (A)   Money, goods, or chattels.
   (B)   A bank note, bank bill, bond, promissory note, due bill, bill of exchange or other bill, draft, order or certificate.
   (C)   A book of accounts for or concerning money or goods due, or to be delivered.
   (D)   A deed or writing containing a conveyance of land or other valuable contact in force.
   (E)   A receipt, release, or defeasance.
   (F)   A writ, process, or public record.
(Ord. 828, passed 10-25-99; Am. Ord. 1018, passed 10-12-16)