(A)   When any fire, accident, explosion, parade, calamity, public disturbance or other occasion causes or may cause persons to collect on the public streets, sidewalks or other areas of the city, the Director of Public Safety or his/her designee may establish a police line or zone as may be necessary for the purpose of affording a clearing for:
      (1)   the protection of persons and property;
      (2)   police officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel; and other personnel performing operations in accordance with their duties;
      (3)   the exclusion of the public from the vicinity of a fire, accident, explosion, calamity, other emergency or public disturbances;
      (4)   the passage of a parade; or
      (5)   the movement of traffic.
   (B)   Any person who shall knowingly cross any such line, knowingly enter into any such zone, or remain in any such zone after being requested to leave, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Provided, that bona fide and properly identified representatives of the press and media, residents of the zone, and such other persons as the Director of Public Safety or his/her designee may authorize to cross such lines or be within such zone, may be permitted to cross such lines or enter into such zone, and may remain in such zone so long as they will not and do not interfere with emergency personnel performing their duties.
   (C)   Every person present within such zone shall comply with any necessary order or instruction of any police officer. Any person who refuses to comply with the necessary order of a police officer shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
(Ord. 633, passed 9-3-85)