7-1-2-5: BARRICADES:
   A.   Requirement:
      1.   Any person laying or repairing any pavement on a street, sidewalk or other public place, or making an excavation in any such place shall maintain suitable barricades to prevent injury to any person or vehicle by reason of such work; such barricades shall be protected by lights at nighttime.
      2.   Any defect in any such pavement shall be barricaded to prevent injury; and any person properly maintaining any such opening or excavation while the same remains open shall guard it by proper barricades and lights.
   B.   Disturbing Barricades: It shall be unlawful to disturb or interfere with any barricades or lights lawfully placed to protect or mark any new pavement or excavation or opening in any public street, alley or sidewalk. (1979 Code § 7-1-2-5)