(A)   The Board of Appeals shall hold a public hearing on every amendment proposal within 60 days after said proposal has been submitted to them. At the hearing, any interested party may appear and testify, either in person or by duly authorized agent or attorney.
   (B)   Notice indicating the time, date and place of the hearing and the nature of the proposed amendment shall be given not more than 30 nor less than 15 days before the hearing:
      (1)   By certified mail to the applicant or person whose property is the subject of the zoning amendment; and
      (2)   By publication in a newspaper of general circulation within the municipality.
(1999 Code, § 40-10-32)  (Ord. 5/9/2000-1, passed 5-9-2000; Ord. 02/14/2006-1, passed 2-14-2006)