(A)   Any sign or other street graphic enumerated below that complies with the indicated requirements is permitted in any district of the village.
   (B)   Such signs or street graphics shall not be debited against the displaying establishment’s sign area allowance; see § 155.256:
      (1)   Construction signs identifying the architects, engineers, contractors and other individuals or firms involved with the construction, and/or announcing the character or purpose of the building, but not advertising any product. Such signs shall not exceed 24 square feet in area, shall be confined to the site of the construction, and shall be removed within 14 days after the intended use of the project has begun;
      (2)   Real estate signs, indicating the sale, rental or lease of the premises on which they are located. Such signs on residential property shall not exceed six square feet; on other property, such signs shall not exceed 16 square feet. Not more than one real estate sign per street front shall be erected on any lot. Such signs shall be removed within seven days of the sale, rental or lease;
      (3)   Political signs, announcing candidates seeking public/political office and/or political issues and other pertinent information. In any agricultural or residential district, political signs shall not exceed eight square feet; in other districts, such signs shall not exceed 32 square feet. Political signs shall be removed within seven days after the election to which they pertain, by the party responsible for their erection;
      (4)   Garage sale signs, advertising a garage or yard sale to be held on private residential property; such signs shall not exceed four square feet, and shall not be posted for longer than five days;
      (5)   Public interest signs and street banners, publicizing a charitable or nonprofit event of general public interest; in the agricultural district, and in any residential district, public interest signs shall not exceed 32 square feet. Public interest signs and street banners shall be permitted only for 60 days before and seven days after the event;
      (6)   Governmental, public and directional signs, such as traffic-control signs; railroad crossing signs; legal notices; signs indicating the location of underground cables; no trespassing signs; no parking signs; signs indicating the entrances and exits of parking lots; signs indicating the location of public telephones; restrooms, and so forth;
      (7)   Institutional signs identifying a public, charitable or religious institution; such signs shall be located on the premises of such institution, shall not obstruct the vision of motorists, and shall not exceed 24 square feet;
      (8)   Integral signs carved into stone or inlaid so as to become part of the building, and containing such information as date of erection, name of building and memorial tributes;
      (9)   Home occupation signs, identifying only the name and occupation of the residents; home occupation signs shall not be illuminated, and shall not exceed two square feet;
      (10)   Subdivision entrance signs, identifying a residential subdivision or apartment complex: such signs shall contain no commercial advertising, and shall not exceed 20 square feet;
      (11)   Permanent house numbers and/or permanent name of occupant signs located on the lot to which the sign applies: such signs shall not exceed two square feet for single-family dwelling, nor six square feet for multiple-family dwellings; and
      (12)   Signs located in the interior of any building or within an enclosed lobby or court of any building or group of buildings, provided such signs are designed and located to be viewed exclusively by the patrons or residents of such buildings.
(1999 Code, § 40-6-10)  (Ord. 5/9/2000-1, passed 5-9-2000)  Penalty, see § 155.999