§ 155.238  SWIMMING POOLS.
   (A)   Every in-ground swimming pool, whether public or private, shall be enclosed by a wall or fence at least four feet in height and shall have a gate that shall be locked when the pool is not in use. An above-the-ground pool, four feet or higher, need not have a fence with a gate, so long as the ladder is removed when not in use.
   (B)   No private swimming pool shall be located in any front yard or closer than ten feet to any side or rear lot line.
   (C)   All lights used to illuminate any swimming pool shall be arranged or shielded so as to confine direct light rays within the lot lines to the greatest extent possible.
(1999 Code, § 40-5-9)  (Ord. 5/9/2000-1, passed 5-9-2000)