Every principal building erected in the “A-1” District shall conform to the following requirements:
   (A)   Minimum lot area: three acres;
   (B)   Minimum lot width at the established building line: 150 feet;
   (C)   Minimum lot depth: 200 feet;
   (D)   Minimum setbacks:
      (1)   From front lot line: 50 feet;
      (2)   Total for both side yard lines: 25 feet;
      (3)   From either side lot line: ten feet;
      (4)   From rear lot line: 25 feet; and
      (5)   From side yard abutting street: 50 feet.
   (E)   Maximum building height: 35 feet (does not apply to accessory agricultural structures).
(1999 Code, § 40-4-3)  (Ord. 5/9/2000-1, passed 5-9-2000)