In determining with precision what territory is actually included within any zoning district, the Zoning Administrator shall apply the following rules.
   (A)   Where a district boundary as indicated on the zoning map approximately follows the features listed below on the left, the corresponding feature on the right shall be deemed the district boundary:
Centerline of any street, alley or highway
Such centerline
Lot line
Such lot line
Railroad tracks
Right-of-way line of such track
   (B)   Whenever any street, alley or other public way is legally vacated, the zoning districts adjoining each side of such vacated public way shall automatically extend to the center of such way, and all territory included in the vacated way shall thereafter be subject to all regulations of the extended districts.
   (C)   All territory (including bodies of water) that lies within the zoning jurisdiction of this municipality, but which is not shown on the zoning map as being located within any district, shall comply with the zoning regulations of the most restrictive adjoining district.
(1999 Code, § 40-3-3)  (Ord. 5/9/2000-1, passed 5-9-2000)