(A)   All mobile housing units shall be used and occupied by the owner as a primary residence. If the unit is not located in a licensed mobile home park, then the lot must be owned by the owner-occupant of the mobile housing unit. If the lot is vacant when the lot is sold to a new owner, the new owner will not be allowed to place a mobile housing unit on the property.
   (B)   Any mobile housing unit presently within the village, no matter how zoned, except for the designated mobile home park, may be replaced with a mobile housing unit only so long as the replacement unit does not cause any nonconformity that was not already attendant to the mobile housing unit that was replaced. All mobile housing units must conform to the setback and regular zoning guidelines.
   (C)   Once a mobile housing unit has been removed from a lot and a stick frame structure built on it resulting in a primary residence, including a modular home, a mobile housing unit may never be placed on the property again.
(1999 Code, § 23-1-9)  (Ord. 05/08/2001-4, passed 5-8-2001; Ord. 03/14/2006-1, passed 3-14-2006; Ord. 2016-1, passed 1-12-2016)