(a)   In any district, in connection with every building or part thereof hereafter erected and having a gross floor area of 10,000 square feet or less, which is to be occupied by manufacturing, storage facility, warehouse, retail store, wholesale store, market, hotel, hospital, mortuary, dry cleaning or other uses similarly requiring the receipt or distribution by vehicles of material or merchandise, there shall be provided and maintained on the same lot with such building at least one off-street loading space, plus one additional loading space for each additional 20,000 square feet or major fraction thereof of gross floor area.
   (b)   Each loading space shall be not less than 12 feet in width, 45 feet in length, and 14 feet in height.
   (c)   Subject to the limitations in Section 1155.06 (Setbacks of Nonresidential Buildings Adjacent to a Residential District), completely unenclosed loading spaces may occupy all or any part of any required yard or court space.
(Ord. 1054. Passed 12-2-85; Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)