(a)   The open storage and display of material and equipment incident to permitted or conditional uses in “B” or “M” Districts shall be permitted provided the area used for open storage and display shall be effectively screened from all adjoining properties in any “R” District by means of walls, fences and plantings. Walls or fences shall be a minimum of four feet in height without advertising thereon. In lieu of such wall or fence a strip of land not less than ten feet in width and planted and maintained with an evergreen hedge or dense planting of evergreen shrubs not less than four feet in height at the time of planting may be substituted.
   (b)   The temporary open storage of contractor's equipment and material shall be permitted on the site upon which buildings or structures are being erected or installed for the duration of the construction period. Storage of such equipment and material beyond the date of completion of the project shall be subject to a special permit authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   (c)   No material or equipment storage shall be located in any front yard without approval of the Board.
(Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)