Except as permitted in Section 1159.05(b) (Parking and Maintenance of Recreational Equipment), no mobile home, manufactured home, trailer or similar portable residence structures shall be permitted to be used for habitation in the municipality, except in a Manufactured Home Park in an “R-3” Residence District or permanently-sited manufactured homes as defined herein. Such park shall conform to all County and State Health Department and Ohio E.P.A. requirements and:
   (a)   Contain a minimum of four acres.
   (b)   Provide an adequate supply of municipal water.
   (c)   Provide an adequate system of collective sanitary sewers, sewage treatment and disposal and refuse pick-up areas. These areas must be screened or fenced in on a hard surface area with adequate containers.
   (d)   Provide a clearly defined minimum lot area for each home or trailer which meets State Health Department requirements.
   (e)   Provide the minimum clearance required by Ohio law between the individual homes or trailers and a 50-foot setback from any property line bounding the manufactured home park.
   (f)   All home spaces shall abut upon a dustless surface driveway of not less than 20 feet in width, which shall have unobstructed access to a private or public street.
   (g)   A safe, usable developed recreation area shall be conveniently located in each manufactured home park and shall not be less than 10% of the gross area of the tract.
   (h)   Manufactured home parks shall be effectively screened on all sides by means of walls, fences or plantings except where the area is sufficiently removed from other urban uses as determined by the Board. Walls or fences shall be a minimum of four feet in height without advertising thereon. In lieu of such wall or fence, a strip of land not less than ten feet in width and planted and maintained with an evergreen hedge or dense planting of evergreen shrubs not less than four feet in height may be substituted.
   (i)   All manufactured and mobile homes must be properly skirted.
   (j)   Maintenance responsibilities: refer to Section 1135.11.
(Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)