No existing building or premises devoted to a use not permitted by this Zoning Code in the district in which such building or premises is located, except when required by law or order, shall be enlarged, extended, reconstructed, substituted or structurally altered, unless the use thereof is changed to a use permitted in the district in which such building or premises is located, except as follows:
   (a)   Change to Conforming Use. Whenever a nonconforming use has been changed to a conforming use, such use shall not thereafter be changed to a nonconforming use.
   (b)   Restoration. Repairs and maintenance work as required to keep a nonconforming building or structure in a sound and safe condition may be made.
   (c)   Reconstruction. Replacement of a nonconforming use which has been destroyed by fire, explosion, act of God, public enemy or the ravages of time can be rebuilt so long as the cost of rebuilding does not exceed 50% of the value of the structure. Value of the structure will be determined by referring to the appraised value as set by the office of the Morrow County Treasurer. When the damage to the structure is less than 50% of its value, a nonconforming use may be repaired or reconstructed and used as before the time of damage, provided such repairs or reconstruction are started within one year of the occurrence date of such damage and complete not more than 120 days later.
   (d)   Extension.
      (1)   No nonconforming building or structure shall be moved, extended, enlarged or altered and no nonconforming use of land shall be expanded, except when authorized by the Board in accordance with the provisions of Section 1137.10 (Variances).
      (2)   Any building which is nonconforming solely because it does not comply with front yard setback requirements may be altered or extended from the side or back without a variance permit provided the alteration or extension conforms to all requirements under this chapter.
   (e)   Substitution.
      (1)   When authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals, in accordance with Section 1137.10 (Variances), a nonconforming use may be substituted by another not more objectionable nonconforming use.
      (2)   Nonconforming trailers, mobile homes, or manufactured homes located on a lot in any district other than in an established manufactured home park in an “R 3" District, once removed shall not be relocated on such lot unless the unit was “traded in” for a manufactured home. In this instance, the replacement shall be on site within one week of the removal of the previous unit.
(Ord. 1130. Passed 2-1-88; Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)