An authorized agency of the Village, State or Federal government or the owner or owners of any tract of land in an “R” District may submit to the Council a plan for the use and development of an entire tract of land for residential and allied purposes. The development plan shall be referred to the Planning Commission for study and report and for public hearings in the same manner as a zoning amendment.
   (a)   Optional Preliminary Discussion Meeting. At the option of the applicant, the Development Plan or a preliminary development concept may be informally reviewed with the Planning Commission and other appropriate agencies or persons prior to zoning amendment.
      (1)   The Development Plan shall be submitted to the Zoning Inspector at least 15 days prior to the preliminary discussion meeting at which it is to be considered. Prior to the discussion meeting, the Zoning Inspector shall provide copies of the development plan to Council, the Planning Commission, the County Health Department and other appropriate agencies or persons for study and comment, and shall request their attendance at the discussion meeting.
      (2)   At the discussion meeting it shall be determined if the application is eligible for further consideration, and if so, the applicant will be encouraged to submit the Development Plan or a modification thereof, to the Planning Commission with a petition for zoning amendment for formal review.
   (b)   Review Procedure.
      (1)   Notice and publication of such public hearings shall conform to the procedures prescribed in Chapter 1139 (Amendment to Zoning Provisions) for hearings or changes and amendments. If the Planning Commission approves the plans these shall be submitted to the Council for consideration and action.
      (2)   The approval and recommendations of the Planning Commission shall be accompanied by a report stating the reasons for approval of the application and specific evidence and facts showing that the proposed development project meets with the following conditions:
         A.   The property adjacent to the area included in the plan will not be adversely affected.
         B.   The plan is consistent with the intent and purpose of this chapter to promote the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare.
         C.   The use of the land shall be similar to the uses permitted in the district in which the plan is located.
         D.   That the average lot area per family contained in the site, exclusive of the area occupied by streets, will not be less than the lot area per family required in the proposed district in which the development is located.
   (c)   Approval of Plans. If the Planning Commission and Council approve the plans, a Zoning Certificate may be issued.
(Ord. 1054. Passed 12-2-85; Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)