Whenever the public necessity, convenience, general welfare or good zoning practices require, the Council may, by ordinance, after receipt of recommendation thereon from the Planning Commission, and subject to the procedures provided by law, amend, supplement or change the regulations, district boundaries or classification of property, now or hereafter established by this chapter or amendments thereof.
   (a)   Applications for amendments should meet at least one of the following conditions:
      (1)   There is currently insufficient land throughout the Village zoned for the particular district to meet the current and anticipated future demands;
      (2)   There has been a substantial change in the area's condition which has rendered the original zoning obsolete;
      (3)   The land is subject to annexation by the Village;
      (4)   There are other situations where a zoning change would be appropriate for the overall health, safety and welfare of the Village.
   (b)   Amendments or supplements to this Zoning Code may be initiated by:
      (1)   Passage of a resolution by Council.
         A.   All zoning amendments or supplements not initially made by the Planning Commission shall be referred to the Planning Commission for review and recommendation to Council before any action is taken by Council.
         B.   If no recommendation is received by Council within 30 days of such referral, Council may proceed without a recommendation from the Planning Commission if it so desires.
      (2)   Motion of the Planning Commission.
      (3)   Application of one or more owners or lessees of property within the district to be changed.
         A.   Applications for any change of district boundaries or classifications of property as shown on the Zoning Map shall be submitted to the Planning Commission, at its public office upon such forms, and shall be accompanied by such data and information as may be prescribed for that purpose by the Planning Commission, so as to assure the fullest practicable presentation of facts for the permanent record. Each such application shall be verified by at least one of the owners or lessees of property within the area proposed to be reclassified, attesting to the truth and correctness of all facts and information presented with the applications.
         B.   Any person or persons desiring a change in the zoning classification of property shall file with the application for such change, a statement giving the names and addresses of the owners of all properties lying within 200 feet of any part of the property, the zoning classification of which is proposed to be changed.
   (c)   Petitions for Annexation Shall Initiate Rezoning.
      (1)   Upon receipt of notice of hearing of annexation petitions, the Clerk-Treasurer shall forward copies to the Planning Commission to consider the appropriate zoning classification of the territory to be annexed in accordance with this chapter.
      (2)   The Planning Commission shall make its recommendation to the Council in a timely fashion such that the ordinance designating the zoning classification for the territory to be annexed shall become effective at the same time as the ordinance approving the annexation of the territory.
(Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)