The Board of Zoning Appeals shall have the following powers and duties:
   (a)   To hear and decide appeals pursuant to Section 1137.09 (Appeals), where it is alleged there is error of law in any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the Zoning Inspector in the enforcement of this chapter or any amendments thereto.
   (b)   To hear and decide variances, pursuant to Section 1137.10 (Variances).
   (c)   To hear and decide conditional uses pursuant to Section 1137.11 (Conditional Use Review Standards).
   (d)   To interpret the Zoning Map pursuant to Section 1137.12 (Interpretation of Zoning Map).
   (e)   To hear and decide temporary uses pursuant to Section 1157.16 (Temporary Buildings and Uses).
   (f)   To hear and decide appeals and variances to Chapter 1319 (Flood Damage Prevention) of the Building Code pursuant to Section 1319.14 (Appeals; Variances).
(Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)