(a)   Review Procedure. A Development Plan application shall be submitted in tandem with a petition for a zoning amendment to establish an S-1 Special District or a PD Planned Development District. The Development Plan review shall occur concurrently with the zoning amendment review and shall follow the same procedure as for any other district amendment pursuant to Chapter 1139 (Amendment to Zoning Provisions).
      (1)   The application and Development Plan must be submitted to the Zoning Inspector at least ten working days before the scheduled Planning Commission meeting at which the Planning Commission will receive the complete application and schedule a public hearing.
      (2)   Development plans not incorporating all the requirements listed in this section cannot be considered by the Planning Commission regardless of the submission date.
   (b)   Review Criteria for Development Plan. The Development Plan shall be subject to the following review criteria for adoption:
      (1)   The site shall have adequate access from public thoroughfares and shall provide interior circulation and access to buildings and parking areas. The design and location of driveways, access points, building locations and parking spaces shall be subject to the review and approval of the Village Services Director.
      (2)   The site shall drain surface water to an approved watercourse or pipe enclosure as reviewed and approved by the Village Services Director. In larger site developments, retention facilities may be required.
      (3)   Within the limits of the site, buildings may be placed anywhere and all setback, screening, bulk, and density requirements may be modified and not be subject to specific limitations if approved by the Planning Commission and Village Council.
      (4)   Additional reasonable requirements concerning protection of adjoining activities, ingress-egress control, setbacks, lighting, signs, and drives may be set by the Planning Commission or Council.
(Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)