(a)   Preconstruction Meeting and Work Schedules. Prior to any construction of any project involving the Village Engineer, a preconstruction meeting will be held between the subdivider and the Village Engineer. At this time the project will be discussed in regard to procedure, materials and inspections.
   (b)    Inspections.
      (1)    Responsible officials. The Village Engineer or his or her representative shall be responsible for the inspection of all improvements.
      (2)   Authority and duties. The Village Engineer or his or her representative shall be authorized to inspect the construction of all improvements and all materials furnished. Such inspection may extendto all or any part of the improvements and to the preparation, fabrication or manufacture of materials to be used. The Village Engineer shall designate the Inspector, and the Inspector shall not be authorized to revoke, alter or waive any requirements of the improvement specifications or plans. He or she shall be authorized to call to the attention of the contractor any failures of the work or materials to conform to the improvement specifications and contract. He or she shall have the authority to reject materials which do not meet specification requirements or suspend the portion of the work involved.
   Periodic inspection during the installation of improvements shallbe made by the Village Engineer to ensure conformity with the approved plans and specifications as provided in the subdivider's construction agreement.
   (3)   Final inspection. Upon completion of all improvements, the subdivider shall request, in writing, a final inspection by the Village Engineer, as required under Ohio R.C. 711.091. The Village Engineer shall make a final inspection of all street improvements, storm and sanitary sewer improvements and water improvements.
   (c)    Responsibilities.
      (1)   Plans: cooperation of subdivider and/or contractor with Village Engineer. The subdivider shall have available on the project, at all times, two copies of all approved improvement plans and specifications.He or she shall cooperate with the Village Engineer and with other contractors in every way possible. The subdivider shall at all times have a competent superintendent acting as his or her agent on the project. The superintendent shall be capable of reading and thoroughly understanding the improvement plans and specifications, and he or she shall receive instructions from the Inspector. The Village Engineer's orders shall be executed without delay.
      (2)   Repair of damaged improvements. Any damage done to the improvements by construction traffic or by any other means shall be repaired or the damaged materials replaced to the satisfaction of the Village Engineer before the next item of construction is begun.
      (3)   Maintenance of improvements. The subdivider shall be responsible for the maintenance of the improvements installed and shall be responsible for providing the services necessary to guarantee access toall occupied lots, including plowing snow, until final acceptance of such improvements by the Village. The subdivider shall be given noticeby the Village Engineer of the need for such maintenance or service. If the subdivider fails to perform such necessary maintenance or service within thirty days from the date the notice was issued by the Village Engineer, the Village may perform such service and bill the subdivider therefor. Payment shall be guaranteed by the performance bond.
   (d)    Completion Guarantees
      (1)   Assurance of completion of improvements. No lot, proposed lot or parcel of land which is subject to these Regulations shall be sold or leased, nor shall there be any building permit issued for the construction of a building on such lot or parcel of land, until the improvements required by these Regulations have been completed or an assurance of completion of improvements has been given. The assurance of completion of improvements shall be satisfied by furnishing a performance bond or surety bond, as approved by the Village Solicitor, to the Village. When the performance bond and the assurance of completion of improvements have been satisfied, the Village, if requested by the subdivider, will provide a written document accepting the improvements for ownership and for future maintenance.
      (2)   Reduction of bonds. The developer shall give written notice to the Village Engineer, when improvements covered by the bond provided for in paragraph (d)(1) hereof have been completed, that the Village Engineer shall then make any and all inspections essential to determine that such improvements conform to all standards of these Regulations, and that the Village Engineer, within fourteen days of receiving the heretofore described written notice, shall convey a written report to Council and the developer, stating his or her approval or disapproval, as the case may be. In the event that the Village Engineer disapproves, he or she shall state his or her reasons for doing so in a written report to both parties. -Upon approval of the improvements, the performance bond or surety bond shall be replaced by a maintenance bond equal to ten percent of the performance bond for a duration of one year. This maintenance bond will be released after the final acceptance inspection.
      (3)   Liability. The subdivider shall furnish evidence of general public liability and property damage insurance coverage in the amounts of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) for the death of or injury to any one person, one million dollars ($1,000,000) for the death of or injury to two or more persons in any one accident and five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) for property damage in any one accident, with an insurance company authorized to do business in the State. Such insurance shall indemnify and save harmless the Village from any and all liability arising by reason of the condition of the streets of such subdivision or out of the construction or installation of all such improvements. A copy of the insurance policy shall remain at all times with the Village
(Ord. 1222. Passed 12-16-91.)