(a)    No owner shall permit the consumption of intoxicants or alcoholic beverages by any person on such premises unless such owner holds a proper permit from the Ohio State Liquor Control Board.
   (b)    All game rooms or amusement arcades shall, during hours of operation, provide adult, eighteen years or older, management.
   (c)   The owner of any game room or amusement arcade shall provide necessary security personnel to police the interior and exterior portion of the game room or arcade.
   (d)   All game room and amusement arcade owners shall submit to the Police Department an exterior lighting plan if such facility is in a free standing building, which plan shall be approved by the Police Department.
   (e)   No game room or amusement arcade shall be located closer than two hundred fifty feet to a school or church.
   (f)   It shall be the obligation of the owner to maintain peace and quiet in and about the game room or amusement arcade, failure to do so shall constitute a nuisance and may be grounds for revocation of the license.
(Ord. 1001. Passed 2-21-84.)