As used in this chapter, certain terms are defined as follows:
   (a)    "Game room or amusement arcade" means a place of business within a building or any part of a building having one or more mechanical or electrically operated amusement devices which are used for the purpose of public entertainment through the operation, use or play, of any table game, video game or other device commonly known as an electronic game which is operated by placing therein any coin, plate, disc, plug, key or token, of value or by the payment of a fee or which is provided in conjunction with services or products offered on the premises for a fee.
   (b)   "Mechanical or electrically operated amusement device" means any coin operated machine, device or instrument which upon the insertion of a coin,token, slug or payment of a fee, operates or may be operated for use as a game, contest of skill or amusement, of any description.
   (c)   "Owner" means any person having possession of any mechanical or electrical amusement device or any person operating an amusement arcade or game room.
(Ord. 1001. Passed 2-21-84.)