351.155 FIRE LANES.
   (a)   This section shall be known and may be cited as the "Mount Gilead Fire Lanes Ordinance."
   (b)   The Chief of Police and the Mayor, after written notification to the Fire Chief of the Village, shall designate the marked fire lanes on public or private property devoted to public use located in the Village.
   (c)   Parking or otherwise obstructing designated and marked fire lanes located in the Village of Mount Gilead shall be prohibited at all times.
   (d)   All motor vehicles obstructing fire lanes designated as provided for in this section may be removed by a police officer, with the costs of towing and storage assessed against the violator in addition to any fine imposed by the appropriate court.
   (e)   If the identity of the driver cannot be determined, the owner or the person in whose name the motor vehicle is registered shall be held prima facie responsible for the violation and the costs of towing and storage.
   (f)   Fire Lanes shall be posted with approved metal signs stating "No Parking - Fire Lane - Tow Away Zone." The background of these signs shall be reflective white in color with red lettering.
(Ord. 1196. Passed 12-17-90.)