(a)   Unless specifically prohibited by Section 351.03(a)(1) through (13) or (15) through (17), any person or organization may apply to the Mayor or the Police Chief or the Village Administrator for a permit temporarily authorizing parking in any area where parking would otherwise be prohibited by Section 351.03(a)(14).
   (b)   The application shall be on a form provided by the Police Chief or Village Administrator and shall specify the exact area (hereinafter referred to as “the temporary permit area”) and the length of time during which the permit shall be in effect (herein referred to as the “permit period”). The permit period shall not exceed 12 hours. The application shall be submitted to either the Mayor or the Police Chief or Village Administrator for approval. The granting of such permit shall be at the complete discretion of the Mayor or Village Administrator under advice from the Police Chief.
   (c)   Any sign prohibiting parking in the temporary permit area shall be covered during the permit period with a device clearly marked “temporary parking only.”
   (d)   No permit shall be approved which is otherwise in conflict with Section 351.03(a)(1) through (13) or (15) through (17) or which, in the discretion and judgment of the approving official, would otherwise present a danger to other traffic or pedestrians in the permit area.
   (e)   Please refer to the schedule of fees on file in the Village Administrator’s office for cost of such permit.
(Ord. 1049. Passed 9-3-85; Ord. 1704. Passed 9-15-14.)