10-1-1: PURPOSE:
The purpose of this chapter is to establish a City owned municipal fiber-optic system which provides broadband access to meet the needs of:
   A.   Residents;
   B.   Businesses;
   C.   City departments;
   D.   Public safety;
   E.   Community anchor institutions;
   F.   Other publicly owned and operated facilities.
To protect the public right of way by improving both the management and regulation of competing demands through the elimination of duplicate fiber-optic facilities within the public right of way.
To reduce the cost of maintaining the sidewalk, pavement and public facilities located within the public right of way by minimizing the number of pavement cuts and dislocation of other public facilities necessitated by the construction or installation of multiple fiber-optic facilities.
To foster competition among retail broadband service providers by providing open access to the Mountain Home municipal fiber-optic system.
To protect the cost of broadband services by eliminating anti-competitive pricing schemes or monopolistic practices which contribute to higher costs for broadband services.
To protect the ability of retail broadband service providers to reach subscribers and provide service without undue competition or regulation by a tax-supported entity.
To encourage the systematic development of the Mountain Home municipal fiber system and in turn maximize the availability of telecommunication and broadband service to residents and businesses within the City of Mountain Home.
To protect and control access to public right of way, and to extend life of City streets and other publicly owned infrastructure and reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance by encouraging cooperation between utility companies, public agencies, and City departments.
To create local resilience and the ability to support local communication in the event that access to an internet exchange point is temporarily cut off or in the event of a cyber-attack on public internet infrastructure.
To enable network services which require a greater level of privacy, security, or reliability than is available across the public internet. (Ord. 1709, 2-8-2021)