An application for PID development shall include the following, with the application to include five (5) physical copies and one (1) digital copy (including CAD as applicable) of all documents:
   A.   Vicinity sketch showing the location of the site and its relationship to surrounding areas, including existing streets, driveways, major physiographic features such as railroads, lakes, streams, shorelines, schools, parks, and other prominent features.
   B.   A map or maps of the site at a scale not smaller than one hundred feet to the inch (100':1") showing all the information required for a preliminary plat plus the following:
      1.   Site boundaries;
      2.   Streets bounding or abutting the site;
      3.   Proposed building including dimensions, setbacks, identification of types;
      4.   Location and dimensions of open spaces;
      5.   Existing and proposed contours including natural features;
      6.   Parking facilities, their design, size and capacity;
      7.   Circulation plan (vehicular and pedestrian) and points of ingress and egress from the site, and their relationship to ingress and egress of neighborhood properties;
      8.   Existing buildings and indication of future use or disposition;
      9.   Landscaping plan;
      10.   Lighting plan;
      11.   Typical front and side elevations and exterior architectural treatments of the proposed units; and
      12.   Conceptual utility plan, including water, sewer, storm drainage and lighting.
   C.   In addition to the graphic materials, the developer shall submit a written statement providing the following information:
      1.   Program for development including estimated staging or timing of development;
      2.   Proposed ownership pattern upon completion of development;
      3.   Basic content of restrictive covenants; and
      4.   Provisions to assure permanence and maintenance of common open space.
   D.   The application fee for a PID, as set by resolution of the city, shall be paid upon submittal of the application. (Ord. 1688, 2-10-2020)