2-1-6: DUTIES:
It shall be the duty of the commission to recommend and make suggestions to the city council for the adoption of a long range comprehensive plan for the physical development of the city, for the formation of zoning districts, to make suggestions concerning the layout, widening and extending and locating of streets, roads and highways for the relief of traffic, to make suggestions concerning density of population and development of land within the jurisdiction of the city, to make suggestions concerning the future, growth, development and beautification of the city in respect to its public buildings, streets, parks, grounds and lands consistent with the future growth and development of the city, in order to promote the public health, morals, safety and welfare of the inhabitants thereof, to suggest regulations and restrictions as to height, number of stories, the size of buildings and other structures, the percentage of each lot that may be occupied, the size of yards, courts and other open spaces, the location and use of buildings, structures and land for trade, industry, residents, public utility or other purposes, to give suggestions and advice to individuals concerning landscaping or location of buildings, structures or works to be erected, constructed or altered by or for such individual. The commission may cooperate with other and like commissions along the lines and purposes prescribed in sections 67-6508 through 67-6509, Idaho Code. (Ord. 727, 11-22-1971; amd. 1990 Code)