(A)   Any person desiring to engage in the business of itinerant merchant or solicitor shall make an application in writing to the Clerk-Treasurer for a license so to do, which application shall be filed at least seven days before the applicant shall be authorized to begin business.  The application shall state the name and residence of the applicant, the place where such business is to be conducted, the kind of goods to be sold, and the length of time for which a license is desired.
   (B)   Upon the filing of the application and the bond required in § 112.04, and the approval of the bond, a license shall be issued by the Clerk-Treasurer to the applicant to begin business not less than seven days after the date of filing the application and bond, upon the payment of the following fees:  for one day, $10; for one week, $25; for one month, $50; for one year, $150.  All license fees must be paid in advance.  If any licensee desires to continue in business after the expiration of the license, a new license must be secured in the same manner and upon the same terms as the original license.
Penalty, see § 112.99