(A)   Subject to applicable Indiana law, the town hereby grants authority to the Fire Department to charge fees for providing services in extraordinary circumstances.
   (B)   EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES shall be defined as those emergency situations not regularly occurring and to which the Fire Department would not regularly respond in the normal course or routine of the Fire Department's operation.
   (C)   The fee charged for responding in extraordinary circumstance shall be consistent with the actual expense incurred by the Fire Department in responding to the extraordinary circumstance.
   (D)   Any fee to be charged by the Fire Department shall be submitted to the town 15 days prior to the invoice for the fee being sent to the responsible party.
   (E)   The town reserves the right to determine that:
      (1)   An emergency does not qualify as an extraordinary circumstance, and/or
      (2)   An invoice for services does not accurately reflect the Fire Department's expenditures in responding to the extraordinary circumstance.
   (F)   Should the town determine that an emergency is not an extraordinary circumstance or that the invoice does not properly reflect expenses incurred by the Fire Department, the town shall immediately notify the Fire Department, and the Fire Department shall not submit the invoice to the responsible party.
(Ord. 3-2011, passed 7-27-11)