(A)   The Council shall give notice to a landowner to cut, within five days, all weeds and rank vegetation that are in violation of this subchapter.  The notice shall be delivered personally or be sent by certified U.S. mail to the landowner at the address shown in the County Auditor's tax records. The five days shall begin on the date of personal delivery or the day after the date of mailing the notice.
   (B)   If the owner does not bring the height of the weeds and rank vegetation into compliance with this subchapter within the time set out in the notice, the Council may cause the weeds and rank vegetation to be cut. The person cutting the weeds and rank vegetation shall attempt to identify himself or herself to anyone occupying the property before proceeding.
   (C)   Upon completion of the cutting, as prescribed in division (B) above, the Council shall bill the landowner for the cost of the cutting at a rate of $40 per hour for each person that performs the cut, plus an additional $150 administrative fee plus $40 per hour for equipment.
   (D)   A landowner may appeal the Council's decision rendered under divisions (A) and (B) to the Council by filing a written appeal with the Council within three days of receiving the notice described in division (A). The notice of appeal shall be filed with the Council by delivering or mailing the notice to the attention of the Council at the Town Office, 418 W. Main Street, Morristown, Indiana 46161.
   (E)   If the landowner fails to pay the bill sent out under division (C) within ten days after it is mailed to the landowner, the Council shall certify it to the County Auditor for collection pursuant to IC 36-7-10.1-4.
(Ord. 4-2010, passed 6-9-10)