(A)   All trash shall be placed in durable plastic bags which are securely tied or fastened, without any liquid accumulated in the bag.
   (B)   In the event a container is furnished by the town or its contractor for the deposit of trash, all trash shall be deposited in the container and the lid shall be securely closed thereon.
      (1)   The maintenance and security of the container furnished for the collection of trash shall be the sole responsibility of the person or entity to whom trash collection service is provided.
      (2)   In the event the container is lost, damaged or stolen, regardless of whether it shall be due to an act or omission of the person whose trash is collected, the person or entity receiving the trash collection service forthwith shall replace the container at his or its expense, the same to be the property of the town or contractor, as the case may be.
(Ord. 1987-04, passed 7-27-87)