(a)   Whenever any person or domestic animal is bitten by a dog or other animal, report of such bite shall be made to the Chief of Police within twenty-four hours.  Whenever it is reported to the Chief of Police that any dog or other animal has bitten a person or domestic animal, that animal shall be quarantined under an order issued by the Chief of Police.  The dog or other animal shall be quarantined by its owner or by a harborer or shall be quarantined in a pound or kennel.  In all cases, such quarantine shall be under the supervision of a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine.  Quarantine shall continue until such doctor determines that the animal is not afflicted with rabies.  The quarantine period hereby required shall not be less than ten days from the date on which the person or domestic animal was bitten.  The doctor shall report to the Chief of Police the conclusions reached as a result of the quarantine and examinations of the animal.  The quarantine and examination necessary to determine whether the animal has rabies shall be at the expense of the owner or harborer of the animal.  No animal shall be released from the required quarantine unless and until it has been properly vaccinated against rabies.
   No person shall fail to comply with the requirements of this section or with any order of the Police Chief made pursuant hereto, nor fail to immediately report to the Police Chief any symptom or behavior suggestive of rabies.
(Ord.  1987-52.  Passed 11-18-87.)
   (b)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.