As used in the Codified Ordinances:
   (a)   "Swimming pool" means any artificial body of water made of steel, masonry, concrete, aluminum, plastic , fiberglass, or vinyl construction located out-of-doors which is intended for swimming or recreational bathing and has a water surface area of over 144 square feet, a maximum water depth of more than two (2) feet, or both.  This definition does not include "wading pools" as defined in this section.
   (b)   "Hot tub" includes an artificial body of water that can be heated and that is designed for seating and not for swimming or wading.
   (c)   "Swim spa" includes any artificial rectangular or oblong pool of water which generates a current against which a person can swim for purposes of exercise.
   (d)   "Wading pool" means a temporary portable artificial body of water intended for recreational bathing or other recreational use contained in an inflatable, plastic or vinyl device, without metallic or other rigid support elements and without heating or filtration accessories, which has a water surface area of 60 square feet or less and a maximum water depth that does not exceed two (2) feet.
      (Ord. 2021-11.  Passed 5-12-21.)