1331.05  SURETY BOND.
   Every applicant shall, upon approval of the registration application, and for each discipline for which a registration is issued, furnish and file with the Building Commissioner a twenty thousand dollar ($20,000.00) bond, to be approved as to form by the Law Directors, guaranteeing full and faithful compliance by the applicant with all the provisions of this Building Code and with pertinent rules and regulations promulgated by authority of this Building Code, and binding the surety thereon to correct or abate any violations of this Building Code or of pertinent rules or regulations promulgated by authority of this Building Code whenever the applicant named as the principal on such bond refuses, neglects or fails to correct or abate such violations within a reasonable time limit set by the Building Commissioner.  Only one bond is required where registrations are issued for multiple disciplines.
(Ord. 2014-04.  Passed 1-15-14.)