Temporary signs may be erected and posted within the Municipality subject to the following regulations:
   (a)   Temporary signs may not be erected so as to prevent free ingress to or egress from, any roadway, driveway, access drive, or parking area, or to or from, any door, window, fire escape or ventilating equipment.
   (b)   Temporary signs shall not be located where the view of vehicular traffic would be obstructed.
   (c)   The maximum size of any one temporary sign shall not exceed six square feet.  The second side of a two-faced sign as permitted in subsection (b) hereof shall not be included or counted in the permitted area in this restriction.
   (d)   The construction, erection, safety and maintenance of all temporary signs shall comply with all applicable Building Codes; however, no sign permit or fees shall be required for temporary signs.
   (e)   All temporary signs shall be durable and weather-resistant and fastened or anchored sufficiently, whether attached to the building or positioned in the ground.
   (f)   The property owner and/or occupant shall maintain all temporary signs so the sign content is visible, the sign is operable and the sign is in good repair, structurally sound, and secure; and has a continuing obligation to comply with all Building Code requirements.
   (g)   If the Building Commissioner finds that any temporary sign is unsafe, insecure, or a public nuisance, the property owner and/or occupant shall be given written notice by the Building Commissioner.  Within forty-eight hours of such notification, the violation shall be corrected or the sign removed.  If the violation is not remedied within forty-eight hours, the sign may be removed by the Village to comply with these regulations at the expense of the owner and/or occupant of the property upon which the sign is located.  The Building Commissioner may remove without notice any temporary sign that creates an immediate danger to persons or property.
   (h)   The Building Commissioner may order any temporary sign to be painted or refurbished to keep the sign in a neat and safe condition.  All signs and sign mounting systems shall be maintained in a safe condition.
   (i)   No temporary sign shall be placed within any public right-of-way or on any public property, utility poles or bridges or bridge abutments.
   (j)   Any temporary sign not in compliance with this section shall be brought into compliance with ten days of notification by the Building Commissioner or otherwise shall be removed by the Village.
      (Ord. 2010-33.  Passed 3-10-10.)