(a)    A permit shall be required for all signs.
   (b)    Application for permits to erect, hang, place, paint, or alter a sign shall be made by the owner or lessee of the property upon which a sign is proposed and submitted on forms furnished by the Building Inspector. The application shall be made either separately or included with a permit for a building. Each application shall be accompanied by drawings to scale, showing:
      (1)    The design and layout proposed, including the total area of the sign, the size, character and color of letters, lines and symbols;
      (2)    The method of illumination, if any;
      (3)    The exact location of the sign in relation to all buildings on the lot; and
      (4)    Details and specifications for construction, erection and attachment as may be required by the Building Code.
         (Ord. 1976-65. Passed 11-10-76.)