(a)   A conditional use and uses accessory to such conditional use shall be permitted in a district only when specified as a conditional use in such district, and only if such use conforms to the following general criteria, which are in addition to specific conditions, standards and regulations set forth in this Chapter. The Planning Commission shall review the particular facts and circumstances of each proposed use in terms of the following criteria and shall find adequate evidence that:
      (1)   The conditional use will be designed, constructed, operated and maintained so as to be harmonious and appropriate with the prevailing, existing, or intended character of the general vicinity;
      (2)   The establishment, maintenance, or operation of the conditional use will not endanger the public health, safety, general welfare, or the ecosystem of the Village;
      (3)   The establishment of the conditional use in the proposed location will not impede the normal and orderly development and improvement of the surrounding property for uses permitted in the district; and,
      (4)   The conditional use will be minimally impacted in the future by surrounding uses permitted by right that may be incompatible with the proposed conditional use.
   (b)   When evaluating applications utilizing the above criteria, the Planning Commission shall judge the appropriateness of the proposed conditional use based upon its anticipated impacts given the scope of the proposed use on the subject site understanding that the Village has already accepted impacts normally associated with such conditional use when the use was included as a conditional use in the zoning district.
   (c)   An approval of a conditional use pursuant to the procedures in Chapter 1129 shall only apply to the specific use and the development plan and specific conditions related to the use and its approval.  Any change in the use (excluding changes in the name or business mergers that do not effect occupancy), modifications, or expansion that are inconsistent with the approval are not permitted without a reapplication and approval of the revised use or modifications pursuant to Chapter 1129
(Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)