This Planning and Zoning Code recognizes that the availability of safe and affordable, good-quality child day care is important to the well being of parents and children.  Furthermore, the operation of a family day care home shall be in a manner that preserves the residential character of neighborhoods.  According to ORC 5104.054, any type B family day-care home, whether certified or not certified by the county, shall be considered to be a residential use of property for purposes of municipal, county, and Village zoning and shall be a permitted use in all zoning districts in which residential uses are permitted.  A type "B" family day-care home is a permanent residence of the provider where childcare is provided for 1 to 6 children and where no more than three children are under two years of age.  For the purposes of this definition, any children under six years of age who are related to the provider and who are on the premises of the day-care home shall be counted.  Type "B" family day-care homes are a permitted accessory use in residential districts, and do not require a Zoning Certificate or a Certificate of Zoning Compliance.  (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)