Temporary sheds for office purposes or storage of tools for the keeping of materials during building operations may be erected upon the premises upon obtaining a Zoning Certificate from and with the approval of the Building Inspector.  Such Certificate shall be issued with a limitation as to time that the temporary shed may be retained upon the building lot.  The Building Inspector shall require that all temporary sheds be located so as to be free from any fire hazard and that the same may not be considered of a permanent nature or as a building for storehouse purposes.  No owner, architect, builder, plumber, carpenter, mason or electrician engaged in the erection of, or working on, the buildings shall occupy any adjoining premises with sheds, building material, refuse, or debris without first having obtained written permission from the owner of such adjoining premises, and upon completion of the work to be performed by him shall remove all such sheds, refuse and debris from the premises and adjoining premises. 
(Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)